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Thinking to myself about what had appeared to me, I decided to make it known to many who were famous poets of the time: and as it was a fact that I had already gained for myself to some extent the art of speaking words in rhyme, I decided to shape a sonetto , in which I would greet all those faithful to Amor: and begging them to interpret my vision, I wrote for them what I had seen in my sleep. This sonnet is divided in two parts: so that in the first part I greet and demand reply, in the second I signify what must be replied to.

And this was virtually the beginning of the friendship between him and myself, when he knew that it was I who had made the request of him. The true meaning of that dream was not then seen by anyone, but now it is clear to the most unknowing. From that vision onwards my natural spirit began to be obstructed in its operation, because my spirit was completely dedicated to thoughts of that most graceful one: so that in a little while I reached so frail and debilitated a condition, that many friends were anxious about my appearance: and many full of malice put themselves about to know about me things that I wished above all to hide from others.

I spoke of Amor, because I bore so many signs of him in my face, that they could not be concealed. One day it chanced that this most graceful lady was seated in a place where words were heard concerning the queen of glory, and I was in a position from which I could see my blessedness: and between her and me in a straight line sat a gentle lady of most pleasant appearance, who looked at me frequently, amazed by my gaze, which seemed to end with her.

Then I was greatly comforted, assured that my secret had not been revealed to others by my gaze that day. And immediately I thought of making of this lady a screen before the truth: and I pretended to it so often in so short a time that my secret was believed known by most of the people who speculated about me. I screened myself with this lady for some months and years: and to better allow others to believe it, I created certain little things for her in verse, which it is not my intention to write down, unless they mainly set out to treat of that most graceful Beatrice: and therefore I will forget them all except one that I wrote which can be seen to be in praise of her.

I say that during the time that lady was the screen for so great a love, so great on my part, there came to me the will to want to record the name of that graceful one and accompany it with many names of women, and especially the name of the gentle lady. And I took the names of the sixty most beautiful ladies of the city, in which my lady had been placed by the highest Lord, and I composed a letter in the form of a serventese , a poem of praise, which I will not write down: and I would not have mentioned it if it were not to say that composing it, a marvellous thing occurred, that the name of my lady was not allowed to stand in any other place than that of ninth among the names of those ladies.

The lady by means of whom I had concealed my wishes for so long had to leave the city I mentioned above, and travel to a distant region: because of this, I, greatly troubled by the loss of the beautiful defence I had acquired, was much discomforted, more than I myself would have believed before. And thinking that if I did not write sorrowfully enough about her departure people would more quickly be aware of my pretence, I decided to create a lament as a sonetto : which I will write down, since my lady was the direct cause for certain words that are in the sonetto , as is apparent to anyone who understands it.

After the departure of that gentle lady it pleased the lord of angels to call to his glory a woman, young and of very gentle aspect, who had been a great grace to the city I spoke of: whose lifeless body I saw lying amongst a crowd of ladies, who were weeping most piteously. Then, remembering that I had seen her before accompanying the most graceful lady, I could not hold back tears: so weeping I decided to speak a few words about her death, in tribute to the fact that I had once seen her with my lady.

And I touched on this a little in the last part of the words I wrote, as is clearly apparent to those who understand. This sonetto is divided into four parts: in the first part I call on Death by certain of his true names: in the second, speaking to him, I tell the reason why he moves me to blame him: in the third I revile him: in the fourth I turn to speak to an unspecified person, though he is specified by my intention.

A few days after the death of this lady something happened which forced me to leave the above city and travel to that region where the gentle lady was who had been my screen, though the destination of my journey was not as far as where she was. And although I was in the company of many, at least outwardly, the travelling displeased me so much that my sighs could scarcely relieve the anguish my heart felt, because I distanced myself from my blessedness.

And so the sweetest lord who ruled over me through the virtue of my most graceful lady appeared in my imagination like a traveller simply dressed, in coarse cloth. Initially, a circle of twelve bright lights dance around Dante and Beatrice. These are the souls of: [17]. This list includes philosophers, theologians and a king, and has representatives from across Europe.

Thomas Aquinas recounts the life of St. Between Topino's stream and that which flows down from the hill the blessed Ubaldo chose, from a high peak there hangs a fertile slope; from there Perugia feels both heat and cold at Porta Sole, while behind it sorrow Nocera and Gualdo under their hard yoke.

From this hillside, where it abates its rise, a sun was born into the world, much like this sun when it is climbing from the Ganges.

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Therefore let him who names this site not say Ascesi, which would be to say too little, but Orient, if he would name it rightly. Twelve new bright lights appear, one of which is St. Bonaventure , a Franciscan , who recounts the life of St. Dominic , founder of the order to which Aquinas belonged. The two orders were not always friendly on earth, and having members of one order praising the founder of the other shows the love present in Heaven [19] Canto XII.

The twenty-four bright lights revolve around Dante and Beatrice, singing of the Trinity , and Aquinas explains the surprising presence of King Solomon, who is placed here for kingly, rather than philosophical or mathematical wisdom Cantos XIII and XIV :. My words did not prevent your seeing clearly that it was as a king that he had asked for wisdom that would serve his royal task and not to know the number of the angels on high or, if combined with a contingent, necesse ever can produce necesse , or si est dare primum motum esse , or if, within a semicircle, one can draw a triangle with no right angle.

The planet Mars is traditionally associated with the God of War , and so Dante makes this planet the home of the warriors of the Faith, who gave their lives for God, thereby displaying the virtue of fortitude. As, graced with lesser and with larger lights between the poles of the world, the Galaxy gleams so that even sages are perplexed; so, constellated in the depth of Mars, those rays described the venerable sign a circle's quadrants form where they are joined.

Dante says that sages are "perplexed" by the nature of the Milky Way, but in his Convivio , he had described its nature fairly well:. What Aristotle said on this matter cannot be known with certainty. In the Old Translation he says that the Galaxy is nothing but a multitude of fixed stars in that region, so small that we are unable to distinguish them from here below, though from them originates the appearance of that brightness which we call the Galaxy; this may be so, for the heaven in that region is denser, and therefore retains and throws back this light.


The Strange History Behind Salvador Dalí’s "Divine Comedy"

Avicenna and Ptolemy seem to share this opinion with Aristotle. Dante meets his ancestor Cacciaguida , who served in the Second Crusade. The setting of the Divine Comedy in the year , before Dante's exile, has allowed characters in the poem to "foretell" bad things for Dante. You shall leave everything you love most dearly: this is the arrow that the bow of exile shoots first. You are to know the bitter taste of others' bread, how salt it is, and know how hard a path it is for one who goes descending and ascending others' stairs. However, Cacciaguida also charges Dante to write and tell the world all that he has seen of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven.

The planet Jupiter is traditionally associated with the king of the gods , so Dante makes this planet the home of the rulers who displayed justice. Then, having formed the M of the fifth word, those spirits kept their order; Jupiter's silver, at that point, seemed embossed with gold. The sphere of Saturn is that of the contemplatives, who embody temperance. Beatrice, who represents theology , becomes increasingly lovely here, indicating the contemplative's closer insight into the truth of God:.

Princess Beatrice

She did not smile. Instead her speech to me began: Were I to smile, then you would be like Semele when she was turned to ashes, because, as you have seen, my loveliness which, even as we climb the steps of this eternal palace, blazes with more brightness were it not tempered here, would be so brilliant that, as it flashed, your mortal faculty would seem a branch a lightning bolt has cracked. The sphere of the Fixed Stars is the sphere of the church triumphant.

My eyes returned through all the seven spheres and saw this globe in such a way that I smiled at its scrawny image: I approve that judgment as the best, which holds this earth to be the least; and he whose thoughts are set elsewhere, can truly be called virtuous. Peter tests Dante on faith , asking what it is, and whether Dante has it.

In response to Dante's reply, St. Peter asks Dante how he knows that the Bible is true, and in an argument attributed to Augustine [36] Dante cites the miracle of the Church's growth from such humble beginnings Canto XXIV :. Say, who assures you that those works were real? The very thing that needs proof no thing else attests these works to you.

I said: If without miracles the world was turned to Christianity, that is so great a miracle that, all the rest are not its hundredth part: for you were poor and hungry when you found the field and sowed the good plant once a vine and now a thorn. There is no child of the Church Militant who has more hope than he has, as is written within the Sun whose rays reach all our ranks: thus it is granted him to come from Egypt into Jerusalem that he have vision of it, before his term of warring ends.

Finally, St. John questions Dante on love. Thus I began again: My charity results from all those things whose bite can bring the heart to turn to God; the world's existence and mine, the death that He sustained that I might live, and that which is the hope of all believers, as it is my hope, together with living knowledge I have spoken of these drew me from the sea of twisted love and set me on the shore of the right love. The leaves enleaving all the garden of the Everlasting Gardener, I love according to the good He gave to them. The Primum Mobile "first moved" sphere is the last sphere of the physical universe.

This heaven has no other where than this: the mind of God, in which are kindled both the love that turns it and the force it rains.

The Strange History Behind Salvador Dalí’s “Divine Comedy”

As in a circle, light and love enclose it, as it surrounds the rest and that enclosing, only He who encloses understands. No other heaven measures this sphere's motion, but it serves as the measure for the rest, even as half and fifth determine ten; [43]. Beatrice explains the creation of the universe, and the role of the angels, ending with a forceful criticism of the preachers of the day Canto XXIX :.

Christ did not say to his first company: 'Go, and preach idle stories to the world'; but he gave them the teaching that is truth, and truth alone was sounded when they spoke; and thus, to battle to enkindle faith, the Gospels served them as both shield and lance. But now men go to preach with jests and jeers, and just as long as they can raise a laugh, the cowl puffs up, and nothing more is asked. But such a bird nests in that cowl, that if the people saw it, they would recognize as lies the pardons in which they confide.

From the Primum Mobile, Dante ascends to a region beyond physical existence, the Empyrean , which is the abode of God. Beatrice, representing theology, [45] is here transformed to be more beautiful than ever before, and Dante becomes enveloped in light, rendering him fit to see God [45] Canto XXX :. Like sudden lightning scattering the spirits of sight so that the eye is then too weak to act on other things it would perceive, such was the living light encircling me, leaving me so enveloped by its veil of radiance that I could see no thing.

The Love that calms this heaven always welcomes into Itself with such a salutation, to make the candle ready for its flame. Dante sees an enormous rose, symbolising divine love, [45] the petals of which are the enthroned souls of the faithful both those of the Old Testament and those of the New. All the souls he has met in Heaven, including Beatrice, have their home in this rose. Beatrice now returns to her place in the rose, signifying that Dante has passed beyond theology in directly contemplating God, [47] and St.

Bernard further explains predestination , and prays to the Virgin Mary on Dante's behalf.